week of 10/11-17/2021
Month overview; This week Libra New Moon, Mercury still retrograde, Venus enters Sagittarius, Pluto & Saturn turn direct
September 2021 Vol. 1 Issue 4
Full Moon, Autumnal Equinox & Mercury Retrograde Season Is Here!
Astrology for the week of 9/13-9/19; updates on AstroLunaChick’s astrology empire hehe ;)
First issue of AstroLunaChick’s Guide To The Universe: The Newsletter 🥳 This month's astrology overview: important dates to make note of, astrology…
11:11 is back: kicking ass, taking names
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Welcome to AstroLunaChick’s Newsletter by me, Susan (AstroLunaChick). Astrologer/truth seeker, sovereign human with a background in…