First issue of AstroLunaChick’s Guide To The Universe: The Newsletter 🥳 This month's astrology overview: important dates to make note of, astrology events for week of Monday 9/6 - Sunday 9/12

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Howdy partners…welcome to Issue 1, Volume 1 of AstroLunaChick’s Guide to the Universe: The Newsletter! If you have not already subscribed please do so you will not miss my updates.

Big hugs of gratitude & thank yous for your subscriptions & support of my newsletter! Whether you are new to astrology or well versed in the zodiac I am certain you will learn a bit as well as be entertained. My hope is to help folks make sense of the coming changes through the interpretation of planetary aspects. As things are happening around us there are also internal changes occurring for each of us that might color our perception of external circumstances. Astrology helps us define that & its my role as an astrologer to assist by offering an interpretation of these planetary energies & how to navigate in the most empowering way possible!

Just some background prep - I use Western astrology with a few “hacks” & methods borrowed from other systems (ie Vedic, ancient Babylonian) that I feel also apply to modern Western astrology - fixed stars, Arabic Parts - as well as asteroids which add spice & flavor to the celestial drama playing out above. The first issue of the month will always be an overview of major aspects, retrogrades, planets shifting signs & astronomical events that have esoteric meaning. I do love to follow astronomy & naked eye astrology is such a magical way to connect with the stars & planets.
So let’s get it on!


MONTHLY O’ER VIEW (all the outer planets - Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune & Pluto - are all retrograde right now & this can feel like we are either stuck, regressing or re-living things on a collective level. The need is to take the energy of the planet & go within to work on ourselves. There are major changes happening in each of us & in society which feel somewhat out of our control right now. Retrograde planets in the birthchart can have a highly karmic feel in that they are major areas of fate & often present great challenges. So look at this in terms of society & how much of world history is coming back around to be resolved. However all the inner (personal) planets are direct until the end of September when Mercury goes retrograde & we need to review some important issues & information before moving forward. Both Saturn & Jupiter will go direct in October so I expect big changes at that time.

9/6 New moon 15 Virgo trine Uranus 15 Taurus retrograde; Mercury enters retrograde shadow 10 Libra

9/10 Venus enters Scorpio

9/13 First quarter square - Sun 22 Virgo & Moon 22 Sagittarius

9/14 Mars enters Libra

9/20 Full Moon at 29 Pisces; Vesta enters Scorpio

9/22 Equinox - Sun enters Libra

9/26-27 Mercury retrograde at 26 Libra

9/28 last quarter square Sun 7 Libra & Moon 7 Cancer


(dates are not consecutive, I am looking more at aspects throughout the week & those can last several days).

WED - THURS 9/1 - 2

Sun square Nodes of Destiny, Juno / Mercury sextile & trine Nodes

Turning a corner - choices in relationships, committed partnerships, a clear crossroads, needing to balance differing beliefs/philosophy in general or ideas regarding nature of partnership & differentiating our needs vs the other’s. Making choices, healing our identity, communicating our truth, having the “last word” in a partnership/situation that is ending. Understanding what needs to change & how to proceed next. Fairness, justice, karmic balance. Seeking more peace & diplomacy in communication with others.

🌚Monday 9/6

New Moon 16 Virgo 5:51 pm pacific/8:51 pm eastern

Sun & Moon trine Uranus 15 Taurus - fixed vs mutable energy - the plan is change, the details & adjustments become more practical, tangible evidence, data driven, information starts to come together. Work together towards making material changes, modifying existing routines & protocols. Make a plan! Write a “to do” list! Look at what is “fixed” in your life, what IS - then what you want to change, what you can do with what you have, work within existing parameters. Time to look at what steps to take in order to have a more healthy, streamlined system of daily practices centered around achieving your goals - that includes health & especially digestion! Virgo rules the lower digestive tract & assimilation so diet & regular detoxification will lead to healthier elimination.
Mercury enters retrograde “shadow” - which starts on the degree on which it will turn direct (10-11 Libra) after retrograding - then moves through to its retrograde station (25-26 Libra) where it begins to reverse back to 10-11 Libra where it will go direct on 10/18. Watch for topics or events that come up during the shadow leading up to 9/26-27 when Mercury goes retrograde because this shows what we’ll be working on intensely in October.


9/3-4 Mars opposes Neptune, 9/4-6 Venus squares Pluto, 9/4-7 Mars trine Pluto -

A certain laser focus, power grab/power struggle theme under the surface all week, the energy shifts at the end of the week when Venus enters Scorpio. There’s a feeling of wanting to take action, wanting to play nice, still needing to be certain that we have all the details. Some misplaced/projected anger, passive aggression, crankiness is possible. Petty, picky, judgmental, comparison, one-upmanship. General feeling of lethargy & lack of energy. Issues of overuse of substances, escapism, addictive behavior may come up..
Some may experience power struggles & controlling behaviors, obsessive thought patterns. Will to power, push through, take control over situations (healthy), keeping the upper hand is favored. Mastery of desires & lower nature, confronting dysfunctional psychological patterns will help at this time to overcome these obstacles.

A side note - A mini detox or fast is great to restart digestion especially during the waning moon & will assist in elimination of toxins. Be sure to take some fiber & perhaps clay to bind waste & drink lots of water!


9/4 Mercury trine Saturn, 9/7 opposite asteroid Chiron -

Notice the power of words & how they can wound or heal. How is our communication IQ? Are we building each other up or tearing others down? There is a possibility of taking something personally or feeling the lack of balance or reciprocity in a situation involving another person. Could just be the reminder of feeling a certain way, of a time when we were judged unfairly. Egos can feel bruised, but maybe a situation comes up that in the past would have been handled differently but now we see growth & maturity. How do we handle feelings of rejection & isolation? Do we feel separate from a particular group? Are we causing others to feel isolated or rejected, left out? Collective karma, shunning, group dynamics, us vs them, authoritarianism that puts the group needs/wants above individual needs/rights, denial of ones own rights/identity needs & wanting to belong are themes that surface.


Mars/Moon conjunct in Virgo trine Pluto, Venus square Pluto, Venus trine Jupiter

Determination, focus & drive for growth & expansion fueled by optimistic outlook & opportunity for partnerships/collaboration. News this week is likely bringing focus on the working class, health, unemployment benefits, service professions, large groups of people, social media, unionization, what people believe is justice & fairness in such areas; possible legal challenges, class action lawsuits are things we may hear about or experience personally.


Venus enters Scorpio - Venus was a diplomatic peacemaker in Libra as she does rule the sign but in Scorpio she isn’t quite so ladylike. Here our partnerships can come under scrutiny as well, as trust issues surface, jealousy & possessiveness increase, issues involving sexuality & criminality, things of a taboo nature. Sex, death & taxes as they say. We may be looking at our debts & finances in general. Scandals become public especially of a sexual nature. People’s personal magnetism can increase, as well as interest in research, investigations, occult subjects such as spirit mediums, tarot, astrology, psychic abilities & paranormal phenomenon. Stealthy does it! Cyber crime & digital currency asset protection are themes we may catch wind of. Venus attracts, so there is an opportunity to benefit from all of the aforementioned themes - especially in intention/manifestation - work just remember to harm none & don’t mess with others’ free will! Scorpio can be a bit obsessive & possessive so “This or something better, for the highest good of all involved” is always the best policy.


Sun opposing Neptune - this is a moment of clarity & illumination. Whatever has been hidden from us or unclear especially since 9/1-3 back when Mars opposed Neptune, the picture should be forming now regarding what the truth is, & the Sun shines a light on the path forward. If we couldn’t or didn’t take action on what we saw before, we may have an opportunity to do so now. Much potential for spiritual work, breakthroughs in faith, compassion & helping others. Sun in Virgo shows the nature of service & of dharma, but can also be quite critical so stop self the flagellation & also be aware of projection onto others. Scapegoating is another way of avoiding personal responsibility.

9/1 - 12

Black Moon Lilith (BML) conjunct North Node 7 Gemini - the Black Moon merits an article all to herself but I’ll just touch on her here. BML represents an aspect of the shadow, something under the surface or unconscious. My feeling is that in Gemini there can be ambiguity & vague communications. Either we don’t know where our mind is at or we do & just don’t want to say. Also an element of mind games here. You know the kind where there are lies by omission & skirting the truth because to be up front would blow up somebody’s spot - waffles & fence sitters come to mind. Don’t string people along, blameshift or gaslight. Unless of course your survival is at stake which is kind of a Lilith projection. This aspect especially when Mercury will be trine the North Node from Libra can show us the shadow through communication issues between ourselves & others. Lilith can also represent not wanting to submit, being rebellious, perhaps in Gemini she is more vocal about her dissatisfaction. BML is often looked at as the “angry feminine” as in the repressed dissatisfaction of women or the buried feminine side of a man which is his fears projected onto women. Somehow he needs her to manifest in his experience to mirror his shadow to him, so he can confront his fear of vulnerability & achieve greater level of integration within himself.