OCTOBER 2021 Vol. 2, Issue 2

week of 10/11-17/2021

…Saturn said, as we went running off, seemingly blind, head first into another karmic lesson…

We’re currently in the waxing moon phase starting the week off with the Moon in Capricorn, still under the Mercury retrograde in Libra, Sun & Mars walking hand in hand aligning will, identity & the mind. Pluto in Capricorn is slowly gaining speed & Saturn went direct yesterday. The Mercury retrograde seemed to be not quite so gnarly by my personal observations, until yesterday’s TWO flat tires & some (fairly) minor money mishaps thanks to the Moon, Venus on the South Node (loss) in Sagittarius which happened to be on my natal Venus (money) which amounted to having to shell out money I wasn’t planning to. Today I’ll be at the bike shop fixing that tire (again) & then helping a friend who fell & maybe broke a rib last night. That would be a Saturn direct moment as Saturn & Capricorn rules bones!

Anyway I expect the newsletter will be out late but that’s fine. I’m using the retrograde to refine my writing & will likely be putting less into written content & more time into my videos & audio production. I think my efforts are best directed into podcasting so I’ll be streamlining the written content, those needing practical interpretation can expect more specifically detailed interpretations to come from the podcast.

This week is similar energy to last week, basically working in the same scenarios, reviewing current issues, no planets changing signs or direction until next week when Jupiter in Aquarius & Mercury in Libra go direct on 10/18 just before the Aries Full Moon on 10/20. That’s the start of the next chapter, in the meantime we’re still adjusting to the shifting of Saturn & our responsibilities, obstacles & challenges, & balancing out with Pluto, which has been tearing down the fabric of our reality pushing us to better manage our personal power & transformation. Time & resource management are a practical use of this configuration to help ease stress.

WEEKLY ASTROLOGY 10/11 - 10/17

MONDAY 10/11

VOC Moon (last aspect 10/10 sextile Jupiter (rx) 23 Aquarius: (growth, luck, expansion) —> Moon enters CAPRICORN 10:15am PDT/1:15pm EDT

Moon 3 Capricorn inconjunct North Node 3 Gemini: Difficult news, communication, a challenge getting on the same page with one another. Capricorn moon is a hard ass that does not want to negotiate. Focus is on hard work, responsibility, being held accountable, dealing with restrictions & handing our emotions in a mature way.

Sun 19 Libra conjunct Mars 18 Libra , Mercury retrograde 15 Libra: Themes from last week continue with the Sun/Mars/Mercury rx in Libra, Venus (Libra ruler) now in Sagittarius: News, information, differing values/opinions, trying to bring balance, avoid war/fights, diplomatic tension, pushing through one’s agenda; legal, law, politics, justice, peace; learning, exploring, culture, travel.


Venus activates 5/26 Lunar Eclipse degree 6 Sagittarius: Looking back to that time, think of where you were at, what issues were coming up, what changes & events happened around you? Similar things may come up, opportunity may arise for attracting new people & situations that align better with our beliefs & philosophies.

Moon 11 Capricorn square Chiron 11 Aries
Moon 12 Capricorn sextile Pallas Athene 12 Pisces, Vesta 12 Scorpio
Moon 14 Capricorn square Mercury retrograde 14 Libra
Mercury retrograde 14 Libra inconjunct Uranus 14
Moon 18 Capricorn square Mars 18 Libra
Moon 20 Capricorn square Sun 20 Libra
Sun 20 Libra sextile Juno 20 Sagittarius

New opportunity for growth in partnerships, work, friendship, romantic, so get ready to take action! Mars in Libra is hesitant but other aspects are supportive, though it may feel like the timing is off. Faith is being restored & there is much to be optimistic about! With the Moon in Capricorn we may feel a bit sober about the changes that are coming, especially those connected to relationships & our financial stability, but if we are gathering all our information, letting go of past situations & limiting attitudes, being realistic about our limitations, making calculated choices about where to invest our money, time & energy, we will emerge victorious. The Moon in Capricorn squaring Chiron in Aries is giving us a hint at what we will have to deal with when Mercury goes direct on 10/18 as it will oppose Chiron that day. This may be painful but it ultimately holds the key to our healing. We do need to address certain patterns & develop strategies when it comes to issues of trust, where we put our faith & finances, how/what we invest in others & ourselves.


Moon conjunct Pluto 25 Capricorn: Now direct, Pluto moves very slow but the Moon here will infuse us with strength to activate our power & initiate transformation. This can be a heavy energy & we could feel a bit overwhelmed with the depth of it all, but dive in deep to face the shadows & ghosts of the past. Those who are abusing others & using their power to control others will stand out clearly for who they are at this time. We need to see the darkness to bring in the light. Facing our pain is the first step to recovery.

VOC 3:53am PDT/6:53am EDT

Sun 21 Libra activates Solar Eclipse degree 21 Gemini: We have gotten so much information since the last eclipse, not all of it TRUTH, but part of the process has been honing our discernment. The Sun is illuminating something to us regarding what has been dividing us from others individually & as a whole collective. Where we have been deceived, deceived others, or been in denial about unbalanced situations we are being given a clue about the nature of our beliefs & how they affect our relationships.

—> Moon enters Aquarius 1:47pm PDT/4:47pm EDT

Moon 3 Aquarius trine North Node 3 Gemini, sextile South Node: Ability to detach from the outcome & make logical choices based on new information, likely something needs to be released. Draw on past experience & lessons learned.


Moon conjunct Saturn 7 Aquarius
Moon 8 Aquarius sextile Venus 8 Sagittarius
Moon 11 Aquarius sextile Chiron 11 Aries

Feeling a bit more solid in regards to the changing structure of our life, our future & what kind of people we want to connect with. Alliances formed now are likely going to be stable & enduring, built on a firm foundation because we are solid in our beliefs & have achieved a level of self knowledge that has been part of our path to wholeness as an individual.

Moon 12 Aquarius trine Mercury retrograde 12 Libra, Moon 13 Aquarius square Vesta 13 Scorpio, Moon 14 Aquarius square Uranus (rx) 14 Taurus: Ease of communication & flow of information should help light up what we need to invest in. There could be a good opportunity here, continue to seek more information, think outside the box when it comes to people & finances. Take it in & consider how an unconventional situation could yield amazing results if you let yourself explore. Of course wait for Mercury to go direct for the big reveal.

Moon 20 Aquarius trine Mars 20 Libra: Something is transforming in how we assert ourselves & pursue relationships. Can you keep your independence & be uniquely you, yet still co-create with others? You can, if both parties communicate & respect what the other needs from the situation. Try to have that conversation, see if there is a happy medium that will maintain balance & harmony. Remember the “other” is separate from you, not an extension of you, even if they are there to be reflection of you, so allow them the space to be their own person without needing them to conform to make you more comfortable. When we feel uncomfortable or experience conflict with another it indicates an imbalance with us. Work from that place & things can shift almost as if by magic!

FRIDAY 10/15

VOC Moon 5:33am PDT/8:33am EDT

Moon 21 Aquarius sextile Juno 21 Sagittarius, trine Mars 20 Libra, trine Sun 23 Libra
Moon 23 Aquarius conjunct Jupiter, trine Sun 23 Libra

Extremely optimistic energy, ready to take action, embrace change & make decisions. There is more clarity than we’ve seen in a while & it looks like things coming together & shifting in our favor. Connections with like minds, networking opportunities, avenues open to share our ideas with those who will receive us well.

Moon Juno activate Solar Eclipse degree 21 Gemini (6/10)
Neptune (rx) 21 Pisces square Juno 21 Sagittarius

We may not have all the details but we are being motivated to act upon opportunities for new connections, new friendships & strengthen our networks with Juno, which talks about our committed partnerships, in harmony with Mars, the Moon & Jupiter which is slowing down to go direct on 10/18. Juno in square to Neptune wants us to see the TRUTH of our current status & close relationships. If we are not aligned spiritually & philosophically we need to see that now to understand WHY it isn’t working. Juno & Neptune form a t-square with the June Solar Eclipse degree of 21 Gemini, which was also the last Mercury retrograde. What path were we deciding to embark on at that time? Where did it lead us? It is time to gauge progress & reassess who & what we commit to, AND WHY. The Libra transits, especially this Mercury retrograde, has been showing us what’s not in balanced & how to balance it. If the other person is working with the changes then things can improve. But if someone is t evolving it will be so clear with this retrograde in Libra season.

—> Moon enters Pisces 7:22pm PDT/10:22pm EDT

Moon 3 Pisces square Nodes 3 Gemini/Sagittarius: Difficult choices, maybe painful truths. The need for compassion & kindness can make it difficult to make the hard changes that will benefit all in the long run, but it does come down to the truth which will cause less pain ultimately. Be kind to yourself first & foremost, don’t allow others to play the blame game, you aren’t a victim & there’s no need for you to take on others’ negativity especially when someone isn’t owning their part.

Moon 11 Pisces conjunct Pallas Athene, trine Lilith 11 Gemini, square Venus 11 Sagittarius, inconjunct Mercury retrograde 11 Libra: Seems someone is deliberately avoiding the truth, lying by omission or being purposefully ambiguous. If this is a pattern that has been repeating, it needs to be called out. There could be scapegoating & gaslighting involved, whatever it is the strategy is unhealthy & designed to keep a person (or group of people) in the dark by not being up front, letting others assume, even outright lies. Be aware of these types of manipulation tactics designed to steal your energy, don’t fall for it.

Venus 11 Sagittarius sextile Mercury retrograde 11 Libra
Moon 12 Pisces square Ceres 12 Gemini
Moon 14 Pisces sextile Uranus 14 Taurus
Mercury retrograde 11 Libra opposite Chiron 11 Aries

Some realizations may be painful but Venus will show us how much we have learned & how far we have come in our healing process. We may be reminded of information, conversations, news, messages from the past, an old wound, insult, injury; we may find ourselves going back to heal what happened in the past. Be aware of making commitments & promises you can’t keep. Messages can come at this time that bring a truth that we have been waiting to hear, although we may have known it we needed to hear it from an outside source. You may even get an unexpected apology around this time. Someone sees your value & lets you know what you mean to them. Appreciation is expressed in words as well as in solid, material form. 

Mars 21 Libra activates the June Solar Eclipse degree (21 Gemini)
Mars 21 Libra inconjunct Neptune (rx) 21 Pisces

Mars takes the position that the Sun activated on 10/13, we may want to take action now yet there is something we are missing, but as Neptune in retrograde does reveal hidden things & expose lies, we may see where we need to address our blind spot regarding the issue faced on 10/13. Mercury retrograde is revealing new information about events & actions taken at 10/6 New Moon, as the Sun & Mars will light up a passion that began to simmer within when Mercury went retrograde. There can be assertive or aggressive action taken based on what was occurring on those dates, if we were missing info or had lack of communication, if mistakes were made especially due to someone not paying attention likely because of too much information, personal excess, acting impulsively; absolutely use caution as there will be a potential of accidents on & around this date. 

Mars 21 Libra sextile Juno 21 Sagittarius
Juno 21 Sagittarius square Neptune (rx) 21 Pisces

There can be legal issues that arise to be addressed now, dissolving of partnerships & those seeking justice may be wrapping up a case or others may begin filing legal paperwork soon. Gather information to be ready to take action after Mercury goes direct, but best to wait 1 - 2 weeks even after the next New Moon in November for actual filing or signing of documents if possible.

SUNDAY 10/17

Moon conjunct Neptune 21 Pisces, Moon 22 Pisces square Juno 22 Sagittarius, inconjunct Mars 22 Libra: As we build to the Full Moon we need to address codependency, addictive behavior especially as it relates to our close relationships. Being in denial or scapegoating isn’t going to work for us anymore. When we realize our part in creating any situation we are ready to own our unhealthy habits & take responsibility for our actions that contributed to the drama that played out. When we change, the situation can change so stay out of the blame game (see 10/16 also).

Mercury retrograde 11 Libra sextile Venus 11 Sagittarius, Venus 12 Sagittarius opposite Ceres 12 Gemini:

The past & its lessons are what we take forward with us. Communication & balanced perspective makes for a beneficial exchange of ideas, words are what feed & nurture us as we seek to align with truth. We may have insight into why we haven’t been on the same page with others in the past, perhaps we didn’t see it or one or both parties weren’t being completely honest. We may have changed & grown distant from another, this is natural & no need to grieve or wait for the past to return to us. Keep moving forward, don’t linger in regret or guilt; we take the lessons with us, as they are soul gold. 

Moon 25 Pisces sextile Pluto 25 Capricorn; Sun 25 Libra square Pluto 25 Capricorn:

This aspect acts a a lightbulb that illuminates an ending or change that will most definitely be seen or put into action on, around or by 10/21. Some things have past the expiration date & are keeping us from imagining & creating new things. Sensitive individuals may become more aware of how their energy is being affected by unhealthy situations especially how energy dynamics are affecting one’s health. Addictive behavior whether substance abuse or mental/emotional patterns can come to light. Be aware of toxins, poisons, drugs or otherwise toxic situations that can be extremely destructive at this time.

VOC 4:24pm PDT/7:24pm EDT

Mercury & Jupiter both retrograde are slowing down to go direct tomorrow on 10/18, which can bring events & interesting news. Use caution with travel, especially by air, be aware of information received as there is a tendency toward excess & exaggeration now. Overdoing anything is not recommended so take in information & be patient, don’t allow yourself to be take in by things that seem too good to be true.