Wakey Wakey ...

11:11 is back: kicking ass, taking names

So, this morning while making coffee in my stainless steel stove top percolator coffee maker (best coffee ever in my opinion), I happened to glance at the clock on the stove.

There it was, 11:11 …

It has been a while but I still see it from time to time, though it was my first number synchronicity way back around 2008 when I would say I went through my “awakening”. Since then many numerical signs have been added such as certain dates, birthdays, repeating numbers & the like, especially numbers that have meanings specific to my own experience. I do consider traditional numerological significance of particular numbers but I don’t get hung up. I put more weight on what’s happening at the time, where my head is at, what trajectory I’m on. I also see the numbers as a scale from 1-9 & where things are at in relation to the numbers ie how the energy is building up & playing out. I do the same with dates: month+day+year= energy for that day. For example, today is September 1, 2021 so that breaks down to 9+1+2+2+1=6, yesterday was 8+3+1+2+2+1=8 so if you think in those terms we are in some way taking a step back to re-balance something.

Back to 11:11…

I was studying for the Series 7 exam planning on getting my securities license so I could work with my accountant whom everyone affectionately referred to as “Uncle Joe”. Sadly, I failed the exam, the markets shit the bed & Uncle Joe passed away, after a transplant surgery that he had waited so long for had been unsuccessful. RIP 😔

But, it was while I was supposed to be studying that I “went down the rabbit hole” as they say & began researching a ton of fringe topics including the fraud that is the Federal Reserve (its not federal & there are no reserves), freemasonry, occult symbolism, magic, paranormal & psychic phenomena, dreams & astral projection, reprogramming the subconscious & of course, astrology.

One day while I was surfing around I happened on a page with an article about this “11:11 phenomenon”. According to this article masses of people were seeing the number everywhere - receipts, phone numbers, license plates, digital clocks…well this was quite strange as I’d never heard anything like this before. What did it mean? According to the article, some might say it is angels or spirit guides trying to communicate with us. Perhaps it is a message from our own soul, or our “higher self” breaking through our subconscious, which understands things in symbolic terms like numbers, entering into our reality of waking consciousness.

I read the article to the end & thought it all quite an intriguing plot fitting for some reality bending psychological thriller.

Until I glanced at the time on the bottom right hand corner of my computer screen.


It was like, tag! You’re it ! So on from there it went & it hasn’t stopped since. In fact it only got more crazy, more interesting, more fun. It started my “initiation” into what I would describe as independent mystery school study & my journey of discovering who I am, how spirit communicates with me & what I am here for. It was the very start of my “spiritual awakening” & it led me towards my calling & destiny. That sounds so inspiring, so glamorous, doesn’t it? I really did think so - I mean, it has been in so many ways. But waking up implies you’ve been asleep & living a version of yourself that is likely not authentic or far from your true potential. This means a lot needs to be demolished in this renovation & we need to part with some baggage of the old ways, beliefs, also people in our lives that are not in line with where our path is headed. So it can be a difficult & painful process at times especially if there are things we can’t see about ourselves, others, the world (or don’t want to). In this case it is considered karma in terms of a lesson that we need to learn because in working through it we grow & so do the others in our lives who are participating. Ultimately it is always for the highest good if we learn about ourselves & understand what changes we need to make.

My 11:11 prompt today told me I am moving to the next level of what I started in 2008 which also signals to me a new phase of our collective evolution. Very exciting! That said, even though things may not always be unicorns shitting rainbows 🌈 🦄 💩 (hehe) & the current state of affairs may have you desperately wanting to microdose while listening to binaural beats, this actually IS the greatest time to be alive in history!

Why, you ask?

Because the madness that has been lurking under the surface is being exposed. Because the lies that have framed our perception of this reality are being exposed. Because then we can build a foundation based in TRUTH.

Because for the first time in our known history we have the consciousness to shift our perception of reality & to make the changes from within, because that’s where change begins.

As above so below, as within SO WITHOUT…

Stay tuned! 📻