AstroLunaChick's Guide to the Universe: The Newsletter; September 2021 - Vol. 1 Issue 3

Full Moon, Autumnal Equinox & Mercury Retrograde Season Is Here!

Hello my fellow astro geeks! There isn’t too much more to update on the AstroLunacy since my last newsletter. I’m getting my stride in writing the astro news weekly & as you can see I’m actually getting this issue out on Monday, though I am working toward having it finished & sent out by Sunday evening.

This week I have included a few pertinent asteroids as they play into some of the planetary aspects this week, I won’t go too deep into them just the general theme to add flavor. Look forward to future podcasts focusing on the asteroids & how they contribute to the conversation.

Speaking of asteroids, there is a newly named asteroid Keanureeves (#321577 if you geeks want to cast a chart). The asteroid was actually discovered in 2009 but only recently named. This was announced in a journal published by IAU (International Astronomical Union) which came out on September 2 incidentally, Keanu Reeves’ birthday! According to the bulletin, the Canadian actor is well known for his iconic roles in movies such as Point Break, Constantine & The Matrix, but is also known for his kindness & selflessness. The asteroid Keanureeves is currently at 15 Leo, at the time of discovery on 10/14/09 was at 8 Taurus. Awesome news for Keanu fans & what a birthday present! Who DOESN’T love Keanu?

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YOD: “Finger of God” - This is a “fated” aspect forming between Chiron (wounding/healing) 12 Aries sextile Ceres (feminine, nurture, mother aspect) 12 Gemini, both inconjunct to Venus at 12 Scorpio. The interpretation of Yod aspects are complicated & layered, so I am offering just one angle of interpretation of this as the wounding of the core self/identity, the masculine principle, males, anger/aggression potentially being supported by or nurtured by words, communications, affirmation - even protected or enabled by this energy, which results in Venus at the apex point at 12 Scorpio experiencing difficulties, betrayal, dangerous situations, instability (physical, mental, emotional or otherwise) resulting in abuse, exploitation, rape, murder, etc. Asteroid Lilith is close by at 8 Gemini contributing to a dark suppression & attack on the feminine principle. Mothers, daughters, sisters, men & boys, brothers, siblings, roles of mother & father, family dynamics in general, how this undercurrent contributes to how females are viewed by society & treated by males in general. Here the issue is lack of support & protection of females, projection of unintegrated shadow aspects onto females, even demonization of feminine strength & how this has resulted in how females are treated in society. There is a sense of how others have supported an immature masculine expression & so are complicit in the outcome by affirming toxic behavior or simply remaining silent. To this point we should consider that if womankind suffers, we all suffer. This is the recognition that because one remained silent & did not speak up, another person has been harmed & made to suffer loss.

Moon 22 Pisces conjunct Neptune 22 Pisces (retrograde) c. asteroid Moira “fate”, for good or bad. Sometimes on a soul level, there is an agreement to accept a certain fate, thereby becoming a sacrifice for others. Martyrdom in a sense can bring awareness to the masses, illuminating something that was hidden so that healing, compassion & forgiveness can occur.

Revelations & profound spiritual insight gained to release what was triggered by the Gemini solar eclipse in June. Things have reached a peak/culmination, where we may have felt stuck before as far as needing clarity, communication issues, self sabotaging behavior/addictions, escapism, we may be getting a better idea of the whole picture. This will have to do with whatever came up in May-June during Mercury’s retrograde & the solar eclipse. Anything suppressed or hidden from us, lies/deception, illusions/delusions may come to light at this time. Be aware of control/manipulation tactics, obsession, fantasies taking over. Understanding the deeper layers of spiritual abuse/abandonment, religious/political fanaticism, victim/savior patterns, scapegoating, gaslighting, projection, mirroring is something to be worked with at this time to come to a greater level of healing. Watch exposure to toxic substances especially drugs/alcohol, even foods that trigger sensitivities. Water, especially the oceans, liquids, oil/petroleum fuels, leaks, fumes, etc may be in focus.

Moon 24 Pisces inconjunct Mercury 24 Libra - There’s a blindspot here, possibly something may have been missing as far as information, or the tone of communication changes at this time. Perhaps information is received that is unexpected, a conversation not going as planned, or we may see something we didn't before. As Mercury slows to go retrograde things may stall & begin to backtrack, we may be rethinking something regarding a past situation, relationship or how we communicate in relationships generally speaking. Whatever the context, the conversation is about to change so be prepared to adapt. “Backpedaling” comes to mind.

Moon 25 Pisces sextile Pluto 25 Capricorn retrograde - There is tremendous opportunity to shift situations now as the cycle of creation & destruction is a loop. See what structure of the old life is crumbling & envision what you will build in its place. As societal structures change there is always another thing to take its place. Ask for a revelation at this time, you will absolutely get it. Pluto retrograde is going back over things that have been in a deconstruction phase already & need to be looked at again because there is more work to be done in this transformation. Capricorn wants accountability & maturity; it is pushing to shift our direction from a top down mentality or a flexing of authority to bully & squash opposition, to one of personal responsibility/sovereignty that fosters cooperation. Here on a personal level, we will want to challenge our own avoidant behaviors & procrastination, deal with deep seated fears of abandonment, death, loss, poverty, etc.

FULL MOON 29 Pisces 4:53 pm PST/7:53 on EST - This is the last degree of the zodiac! Significant endings are happening at this time. This may trigger a crisis of some sort whether spiritual/religious, victimization, lies/deception - think on all the themes relating to the Moon/Neptune conjunction mentioned above. This Virgo-Pisces axis contains so much in terms of where our addictions, projections of judgement on others, perfectionism & criticism, scapegoating, victim/savior dynamics, puritanical beliefs, religious fanaticism, guilt/shame/blame, abuse, denial, & repression; all these things being worked out within the collective that are indicative of the influence of Abrahamic religions & the indoctrination of the Piscean age.

Mercury 24 Libra trine Jupiter 24 Aquarius - Jupiter retrograde already, Mercury slowing to go retrograde; Jupiter = SN Mercury = NN - Generally positive communications, news that has been delayed, suppressed or held back begins to come in. We are addressing a monumental truth that will carry us into the Mercury retrograde. Sagittarius (Jupiter) themes such as freedom to travel, law/legal issues, trade, colleges/universities, religion, beliefs/philosophies, journalism are in focus, here they affect gatherings of large groups, friendships, through internet & online activities; this aspect may bring significant changes in those areas. An undercurrent of scandal, secrets, money/resources, trust issues, betrayal, addressing shared finances, debts, identity theft & fraud protection, data leaks, hacks, etc can begin to surface.

Mars 4 Libra trine North Node 4 Gemini, sextile South Node 4 Sagittarius - Actions taken to pursue balance/justice to a situation by seeking or sharing information, there is talk about conflict, diplomacy, resolutions, a need for legal action or law enforcement to step in. An increase in crime is indicative of lack of resources & relational dysfunction.


Moon 4 Aries sextile North Node 4 Gemini, trine South Node 4 Sagittarius; opposing Mars 5 Libra - Important information comes today. News regarding relationships, the past, legal issues, media/journalism, investigations, laws/mandates & the need to review such things. Moving towards better communication, news may come in that is regarding something from the past being released, outdated beliefs, or drawing on past experience. News regarding religion, philosophical beliefs, journalistic outlets/publishing, travel, foreign relations in prominent focus at this time. Aries themes such as self confidence, assertion, beginnings, war/military, police & enforcement of law, violence, anger, aggression, males are in play. Men/boys, relationships, friendships, intimacy/sexuality; a need to address areas of shame & lack of self confidence/worth; with this Moon/Mars opposition there is confrontation possible with another or confronting something within oneself, taking initiative, assertive action, aggressive energy within one-on-one interactions.

Moon 8 Aries sextile Saturn 8 Aquarius (retrograde) -There's a need to work within limits & structures at this time. Use discernment regarding responsibilities, authority. Take accountability for actions, be secure in your independence & individuality.

Moon conjunct Chiron (retrograde) 12 Aries c. asteroid Casanova - Are you a player or are you dealing with one? This could be revisiting an old wound, something from the past where this theme played out. No pun intended ;) There are people who feel the need to constantly play the field. They likely have issues around commitment because they are restless, always looking for something new & different, or nothing measures up to their impossible standards. Often this behavior masks a lack of self confidence that needs constant attention to feed the ego. Either way it is avoiding true intimacy, as it keeps things superficial. Don’t wait around for people like that to change. Let them learn their lessons elsewhere.

Juno 15 Sagittarius inconjunct Uranus 15 Taurus (retrograde) - Changes in relationships & committed partnerships of all kinds are happening on a physical, material level. Could be financial/economic, or related to our changing values, sense of self worth or philosophical differences, even related to travel & distance. Much of this is a result of the review on these themes that Juno retrograde has been putting us through since very early in the year. 

Mercury 24 Libra trine Jupiter 24 Aquarius (retrograde) - continues from yesterday as Mercury is very slow preparing to go retrograde. Jupiter = SN past, releasing; Mercury = NN - future, building.

Sun 29 Virgo - Sun at the last degrees of Virgo the sign of purification, perfectionism, organization & concern with details; just before the Sun slips into Libra with the fall equinox there is a sense of dining at the “Last Chance Cafe”, one last look back to see what we may have missed, what we need to get taken care of & resolve within before moving on. Preparations can be made & conversations had to be ready for what we will confront when we enter into Libra season, where the focus is relational & diplomacy is called for.


Moon c. Hekate 22 Aries - Hekate the Triple Goddess relates to past, present & future, maiden, mother & crone; triplicity; Hekate signals a crossroads, a decision, a turning point. 

Moon 24 Aries sextile Jupiter 24 Aquarius (retrograde) - Definite pull to independent action, freedom, innovation & new experiences; fiery & passionate, unbounded expansion. See the Sagittarius/Jupiterian themes described for 9/20 Mercury/Jupiter trine. Swift action, sudden movement, assertiveness/aggression in relation to all these themes.

Sun enters Libra Fall Equinox - Time of harvest of the fruits of all labors since spring. Focus becomes more external in a sense, more relational & societal issues come up to be addressed. Libra is balance, the scales of justice. Harvest time is the manifestations of the cause & effect in play all around us since the spring equinox; it is the beginning of a culmination that peaks with the winter solstice. Here, what has been sown thus far we begin to reap karmically & materially.

T-square aspect of Moon 25 Aries opposite Mercury 25 Libra, square Pluto 25 Capricorn - taking initiative, confronting issues head on. We may be quite fired up & excited about something. This can be a shift in the balance of power, taking back personal power, exposure of abuse of power, where someone wants to win at all costs. Resisting a change brings heated debates, arguments, possibly where one party walks away. The news you receive on this day, conversations that transpire, will clearly delineate the theme of the Mercury retrograde where we will revisit, redo, renegotiate, reconsider & review all that has happened since the New Moon on 9/6 & back to the eclipses in May/June & especially the last Mercury retrograde as Mercury retrograde was conjunct the solar eclipse on June 10 at 21 Gemini. Check your chart to see if you have any significant planets or points being affected most notably in Pisces or Gemini at  around 6 or 21 degrees, Sagittarius 6 or 21 degrees, or to a lesser degree Virgo same degrees. Those are the people most prominently being affected at this time through mid-late October. As we are in shadow of the retrograde the things that we experience are significant at this time. Mercury begins its retrograde next week 9/26-27 depending on your location.


Moon 8 Taurus square Saturn 8 Aquarius - The moon here is concerned with its material & physical comforts & sensual pleasures. Restrictions that block us from having these needs met are a source of friction. Settling back into comfortable patterns possible, as we may be weary of swimming upstream. Releasing people, possessions, stubborn attitudes is a good exercise to make room for new experiences that can bring long term rewards. Delayed gratification comes to mind. Look at where you may be falling into laziness & inertia, neglecting responsibilities.

Mercury 25 Libra square Pluto 25 Capricorn (retrograde) - Control dynamics & power struggles, mind manipulations, bullying, scare tactics, verbal attacks, issues come to light connected to whatever was happening for us around the New Moon in early September when Venus was at this degree. A new level of understanding when it comes to the issues we have been discussing regarding relationships, changes regarding social interactions, laws, government, personal rights vs. control, coercion. Equitable exchange, fair treatment, challenge obstacles to health self expression. Confront abuse of power.

Venus 15 Scorpio opposite Uranus 15 Taurus (retrograde) - Did you get a warning on 9/20 that you needed to address a relationship or material/ financial issue? Possibly this could bring an unwelcome surprise if action was not taken to properly guard oneself from loss or physical harm. This aspect will bring a sudden change in relationships, a new person or someone leaving our life. We may encounter highly erratic energy at this time, or have a deeply transformative experience. Either way it is a curveball that can change things for better or worse. Expect the unexpected, probably in the financial arena or personal relationships, may have to do with valuables, personal property, intimate relationships, hidden information may surface regarding criminal activity, or abuse within relationships most likely of a female.


Moon conjunct Uranus 15 Taurus - Breakthrough energy, freedom & rebellion, doing things different, making changes & working towards the future. Relationship issues, shocking information about people regarding sexuality, abuse; gossip is rampant, secrets come out. Females are in focus now. Could also be sudden shocks in economic sectors, disruptions or talk about this happening in utilities, changes in material goods, digital/internet, crypto currencies, “supply chain” issues, shortages. This likely showed hints on 9/22-23 as Venus began to oppose Uranus at 15 Scorpio.


Moon 22 Taurus sextile Neptune 22 Pisces - Faith or fantasy regarding spiritual matters/material circumstances, a need to ground & protect physically, energetically, massage or energy work can assist in releasing toxins, stuck emotional patterns, addictions. We seek physical comfort & spiritual upliftment at this time. Sensuality comes easily but overindulgence in anything that brings pleasure is a possibility. See the description of the full moon energy as these things will resurface at this time.

Moon 24 Taurus square Jupiter 24 Aquarius - Fixed upon our rebellion & pursuit of the future, we seek others of like mind & want to physically connect with “tribe”. Crowds, protests, group activities are increasing, social media, also legal issues regarding such themes. There can be some concrete, physical or practical evidence of change in a situation, coming to terms with the direction or course that we see things proceeding on.

Moon 26 Taurus inconjunct Mercury 26 Libra - News regarding money/resources, a turnaround in economic situation, change in values, flow of tangible goods; Sentiment tends to be stubborn, someone may be digging their heels in when it comes to change that needs to take place within a partnership/committed relationship & finances; this may play out in terms of the release of money/resources, hoarding, passive-aggressive behavior, withholding love/affection, or just refusal to let go of someone/something.

Mars 8 Libra trine Saturn 8 Aquarius - Saturn should be having a tempering effect on Mars who hasn’t been on his best behavior in Libra. Justice & a balancing of the karmic scales is happening here. We may hear of someone getting justice or another getting their come-uppance. Some restrictions may be scaled back while others put into place that should have been in the first place. Groups of like minded, older or mature individuals band together to challenge laws, fight injustices using the very structure & systems that created it in the first place. The weapon is turned on the attacker so to speak.


Sun 4 Libra trine North Node 4 Gemini, sextile South Node 4 Sagittarius - This relates back to earlier in the week when Mars aspected the Nodes. Things are illuminated by the Sun, truth comes out. Very important & impactful news regarding leaders, persons in positions of authority, parents, males; details of things said/done in the past coming out for public scrutiny, especially regarding partnerships, relationship dynamics between males/females, leaders/subordinates, decisions made by those we consider to have an obligation to lead with fairness & equity.

Moon 4 Gemini conjunct North node 4 Gemini - We are feeling a need to release & express emotions, for two sides to reconcile or to reconcile some dichotomy within ourselves. The collective is trying to understand the extreme polarity & conflict in information to allow for us to move towards some form of consensus. Here we need to sort out information, facts, opinions, differing viewpoints & the emotional need that drives us. The challenge is to balance the internal landscape & the external circumstances, to somehow reconcile the two. While we can’t necessarily control the OUTER world, we can use the contrast to work towards greater harmony & peace WITHIN.

Moon 4 Gemini trine Sun 4 Libra - The internal/feeling nature is in more harmonious relationship with the external/personality expression; we may find it easier to relate with others, to communicate more diplomatically. Peaceful resolutions are possible at this time. Speaking, writing, thoughts, decisions come easier, self worth/confidence is strong for many, especially males & assertive personalities who may be quite vocal at this time.

Moon 8 Gemini trine Mars 8 Libra trine Saturn 8 Aquarius (retrograde) - Continuing from the description above to add Mars & Saturn to the aspect, we have a Grand Trine in air: Emotions, actions, consequences. Looking in hindsight, there were things we missed but sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know. Now you know, so do better.

Moon conjunct Lilith 8 Gemini - The Moon here is trying to bring attention to a hidden aspect of ourselves in our thoughts & opinions. Lilith is a shadow aspect of ourselves & is associated with the feminine, female shadow aspects in particular & the masculine shadow that is projected onto females, their own anima & suppressed feminine side. As it is a deeper topic I will just point to the way it functions in Gemini which is dual, tends to be ambiguous, two faced/two sided & the collective shadow is surfacing through the awareness of double standards & lack of congruity - words/actions do not match true thoughts/feelings, reaction/affect does not match circumstances, etc. Here we should monitor when our inner knowing is being suppressed & where we are perpetuating denial.

Moon 12 Gemini sextile Chiron 12 Aries (retrograde) - Healing of the core wounding of self, identity is being expressed or healing comes by opening up to expression & considering new information, opinions. We may speak or hear words of upliftment at this time, or experience words/messages of support & compliments.

Mercury 26 Libra stationing (retrograde) - This is the summary of all that has transpired this week, now that we are armed with a greater level of truth & clarity we are set to enter the Mercury retrograde ready to restructure things in terms of relationships of all types, to re-evaluate what justice/fairness/equality mean in those terms, how to balance our needs vs. others’ needs in interpersonal relationships, how our communication & mindset make all the difference in the outcome. We will also be reconsidering where our belief & attitudes toward relationships come from, unspoken communication/messages, how society & family also shape our values. As always new things are not recommended to start during a Mercury retrograde ie launching new businesses, signing contracts, etc. but just keep in mind that it is a time to gather information & evaluate changes we want to make during this time. The idea that people from the past, old lovers surfacing is probably accurate for this retrograde as it occurs in Libra the sign that is associated with partnership. Sometimes people come back to resolve an issue that has not been worked through, or to seek closure & reconciliation, to make peace. That does not mean getting back with an ex partner necessarily, but perhaps it is an opportunity to see something about ourselves or the relationship we didn’t see before. If someone isn’t willing to have those conversations, then the best thing we can do is look at ourselves. But if this retrograde finds you considering a reconciliation, give it the whole retrograde AND the shadow following (about 2 weeks after Mercury goes direct) to evaluate if things are salvageable - which can ONLY really work if there is REAL change involving self awareness & accountability.