September 2021 Vol. 1 - Issue 2

Astrology for the week of 9/13-9/19; updates on AstroLunaChick’s astrology empire hehe ;)

Hey everyone...Welcome back & thank you for sharing & subscribing - your support means so much to me! Last week’s newsletter included an overview for September & this week I’ll just be covering the planetary aspects. My goal is to get this out on Sundays for us to to be ready for the week but I’m a bit behind this week. 

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It’s an eventful week so let’s get into it!

Monday 9/13

Sun opp Neptune - this aspect is in effect for most of the week. While there may be feelings of doubt, uncertainty, we can also experience profound insight, clarification, illuminations, call to higher spiritual path/purpose, focus on service to others - what does that mean to us? Hidden details, agendas, truths come to light, facts/details vs illusions/delusions; news regarding health issues - both physical & mental/emotional - come to light as well as new ways to heal. A level of progress is seen based on efforts/actions over the past 2 weeks. Results of decisions made, actions taken during this time become more obvious as details start to come in to dispel confusion. 

Moon 18 Sagittarius sextile Mercury 18 Libra, square Pallas Athene 18 Pisces: Truth & justice, freedom, higher education, religion, foreign cultures, travel; sharing ideas/communications, seeking balance, peace, harmonious relationships, positive news, resolutions. Mercury is in shadow degrees so the information we hear now or things that come up in relationships will be reviewed or revisited in the retrograde phase, specifically 1st week of October.  Mercury’s uncomfortable aspect to Pallas Athene brings a message, shows a pattern or a strategy we may not have seen before or an option we don’t feel fully prepared to take. In Pisces, the feminine warrior Pallas can signify a battle of a spiritual nature, unconscious patterns, addictions, avoidant behavior, or on the positive side can show unusual compassion in some situations.
1st quarter square: First turning point since 9/6 New Moon; inner crisis, need for actionMoon square Sun 22 Sagittarius/22 Virgo Moon square Neptune 22 Pisces rx  Sun opp Neptune 22 Virgo/Pisces —> what happened late August - early September? Sun sq nodes, Mars opp Neptune- tired! Lack of clarity, lies & wars, big changes. Moon sextile Jupiter 25 Sagittarius/Aquarius, Pluto at midpoint 25 Capricorn rx Mercury inconjunct Pallas uncomfortable patterns, strategies Moon sx Vesta  - focus on creating emotionally safe spaces especially the “home & hearth”, working together & seeking reciprocity.
Tuesday 9/14 
Closing aspect: Moon 29 Sagittarius square Mars 29 Virgo - sudden action/attack, major change in direction, situation, unexpected shift of belief/perception, religion, legal issues, air travel, journalism/news outlets, colleges/universities.
4:34 AM PST/7:34 AM EST: MOON ENTERS CAPRICORN - Mood: mature, sober, responsible, accountable, traditional, achievement/work oriented, time management. Patriarchy, governing systems/institutions, older people, men/fatherhood, authority figures, karma. Capricorn/Saturnian people.
Moon 5 Capricorn sextile Venus 5 Scorpio - a very good aspect for creativity, to make a desire manifest into reality - inconjunct NN/Lilith 5 Gemini forms a YOD aka “Finger of God”, “fated” aspect; karmic situations, info/news, events, realizations. May be something we don’t want to hear/think about, trust issues; a need to repay for past deeds to balance karma; impending change, news, conversations re money, possessions, inheritance, taxes, debts, benefits, death, manipulation, sex/taboo, drugs, responsibility, fighting for fairness/equality, relationship talks, trust, gov't benefits ie social security, scams, the past & secrets; lawsuits, unions, class action; schools elementary & colleges; internet/social media.   
MARS ENTERS LIBRA: Mars=Aries people, color red; men/masculine traits, actions, assertiveness, confrontation, pursuit, drive/energy, aggression, external, yang, war, police/military, sharp objects, weapons, heat, passion; Libra: harmony, beauty, arts, aesthetics, optics, relations, diplomacy, fairness, justice, alliances, peacekeeping, balance of power, legal, laws, known adversaries, "frenemies", "friends with benefits”, equitable solutions to disagreements. Mars here pursues justice. Venus on these degrees late August - early September asked nicely, now Mars is here now to pretty much force the issue but will still try to be nice about it which will feel awkward because he’s in a sign that he’s not at home in.
Venus is now in Scorpio, a Mars ruled sign (also co-ruled by Pluto), Mars in Libra which is a Venus-ruled sign: this is called “mutual reception” so while they are not in aspect, they are influencing each other. Our desire to attract love & pleasure & to manifest what we want materially is strong now, though both Venus (attraction) & Mars (action) are not operating on a level they normally would. Be on the lookout & aware of scams, sneaky behavior, temptation, manipulations, etc. We will definitely be addressing situations where people have been taken advantage of, or people acting in such a way that is uncharacteristic. Be aware of who has an agenda & what it might be. Use caution.
Neither Venus nor Mars is quite so comfortable in the signs that are opposite of what they represent. Mars/Aries is “me", my identity, my needs, in his opposite sign Libra which is we, our needs, who we become in the presence of another. Now my actions matter because they affect another. I have to consider the other person’s wants, needs, feelings. There has to be consideration & reciprocity or there won’t be peace. We’re working on this while Mars is in Libra. But remember that Mars isn’t operating in a sign he’s happy in so watch out for impatience, passive aggressive behavior, subtle bullying or coercion, also waffling & avoiding decisions or flat out making hasty ones in the name of keeping peace. Libra can "go along to get along” & regret making that agreement later when Mars goes into Scorpio & it comes time to pay up.
Venus on the other side is in her opposite sign too. In her home sign of Taurus, Venus is growing resources, money, personal values, self worth, the 5 physical senses, earth ; Taurus is Scorpio’s opposite sign, so Scorpio represents others’ resources, money, values, physicality, sexuality; its also the sign that deals with the mind & the deep psychological processes & complexes that make up an individual experience, patterns stemming from family dynamics, karma that is passed down through generations. Secrets are hidden in Scorpio, & Venus brings all her connections to the party. There’s an attraction to taboo & scandal, as details of private lives come to the surface. Personally we may be processing our own dark, hidden issues regarding all Scorpionic & Venusian themes mentioned before. 
Wednesday 9/15
Moon 12 Capricorn square Chiron in Aries 12 degrees: The individual & the authority are at odds, an action needs to be taken to assert one’s authority. People may be somewhat defensive. A need to address ego/identity issues, feelings of insecurity/inadequacy, push back without being too reactive; Personal responsibilities, duty/work, past actions, maturity; Impulsivity & impatience, need for independence, frustration possible especially with those we consider to be selfish, immature, impulsive. Overall this can be personal pressure to do better, also not to judge so harshly. See how far you or the other has come & acknowledge progress.
Moon 15 Capricorn trine Uranus 15 Taurus (retrograde): Breakthroughs/changes regarding business, finance, achievements & recognition for hard work; opportunity to make financial, structural, material changes. Focus on the economy, business, leadership changes, entrepreneurship.
Moon 20 Capricorn square Mercury 20 Libra: A difficult conversation is happening, & a decision needs to be made that brings peace, balance & is fair to both parties. Topics of business, travel, government, politics, laws/mandates, work/career, partnerships, are all in focus now. Those in positions of power are being pressed to give accurate, concrete details, defend their decisions & their position is being measured based on the principles of service. Work towards correct use of one’s power & influence, abuse of power & manipulation of information will be coming to light.
Moon 22 Capricorn sextile Neptune 22 Pisces: we can be both practical & imaginative; there’s an aspect of creation, of manifesting something solid that was once a dream into reality. 
Moon 23 Capricorn sextile Sun 23 Virgo: Solid progress, powerful moves, changes; improving health for some, highlighting a need to address a health issue for others. Overall focus on helpfulness, service, responsibilities & being accountable. Management, governance, authority issues are in focus, also our personal responsibilities, transformation of daily habits, duties, health, attitudes. See if any issues around gaslighting, scapegoating, codependency or projection come up at this time to be addressed.
Moon 25 Capricorn conjunct Pluto 25 Capricorn (retrograde): Personal power, acceptance of changes happening beyond our control. Time to deal with any controlling behaviors, obsessive thinking, fears. Best to accept things that are ending & take responsibility to walk forward in our own power. Traditional systems, structures & institutions are crumbling & we are here to build the new.


Thursday 9/16 

Sun trine Pluto 25 Virgo/Capricorn: Taking stock of details, taking practical action. Extreme focus on goals, exercise of power. Sun inconjunct Jupiter 24 Aquarius: Issues concerning the collective, groups, legal issues, internet, technology, freedom & individuality are in a blind spot. Something is overlooked of someone feeling judged or slighted, alienated, perhaps left out.  
Moon 2 Aquarius trine Mars 2 Libra: Will & emotions are focused toward taking unconventional actions; changes in partnerships, friendships, emergence of potential adversaries, general attitude of cool detachment for some, seeking people of like mind for others, gravitating towards “tribe”, groups, rallies, protests.
Moon 5 Aquarius sextile South Node 5 Sagittarius, trine North Node 5 Gemini: Collective focus on communication, opinions, beliefs, technology/social media; possiblility of technology issues, cyber attack or talk of such things.
Venus 7 Scorpio square Saturn 7 Aquarius: Deep intuition regarding relationships, especially regarding issues of trust & intimacy, needing to make a decision or commit to something. Restriction, control, resources, withdrawing support, funds, exposure of information; persons in position of responsibility & financial secrets, alliances/deals involving bribes, payoffs, ransoms, etc.
Moon conjunct Saturn 7 Aquarius: Loneliness & isolation may be experienced by some, perhaps worry or focus on the past, needing to integrate our own need for deep connection & commitment with a need for independence, freedom. It’s a good thing to evaluate WHY we are in any situation where we feel we owe responsibility & loyalty. Weigh the investment vs. the return on investment. We could find ourselves wishing that we had done something differently now that we see the results of past actions. Alternatively, some may look back & feel satisfied that they did the best they could. We may have a breakthrough on how to come out of our isolation & connect with others, possibly friends from the past. Other aspects could include updating old technology, revitalizing something rather than tossing it out. Update anti-virus/firewall programs. 

Friday 9/17

Moon 12 Aquarius sextile Chiron 12 Aries: New innovations in healing, technologies. Renewed feeling of security in one’s individuality & freedom. Focus towards group activities, gatherings, mentoring. 
Moon 14 Aquarius sextile asteroid Juno 14: New attitudes forming toward relationships & commitments that bring emphasis to friendships & freedom to be oneself. Partnerships forming based on mutual interests, philosophies, beliefs. Travel can bring new opportunities for partnership.
Moon 15 Aquarius square Uranus 15 Taurus (retrograde): Push to break free, make changes, sudden events or communication brings a new perspective. Doing things differently will bring good results. New energy & drive to do something unconventional.
Moon 22 Aquarius trine Mercury 22 Libra: Mind & emotions align, we are better able to communicate or see things from a more detached perspective. Ideas & conversations can produce exciting new ventures. Sagittarius themes such as foreign cultures, travel especially by air, colleges/universities, churches/religion are likely in focus.
Mercury 22 Libra inconjunct Neptune 22 Pisces (retrograde): Check your blind spot! Neptune in reverse has been spilling secrets & hidden things. Think back to earlier in the week when Sun opposed Neptune for the theme. The picture that was painted at that time may not be accurate. If someone is trying hard to influence you, ask yourself why, & what do they stand to gain? Possibly you aren’t getting the whole picture. Wait until after the full moon on 9/20 for the big reveal.

Saturday 9/18

Moon conjunct Jupiter 24 Aquarius (retrograde): Freedom, groups, friends, sharing news, social gatherings, a spirit of rebellion - Jupiter is expanding all these things. Focus on the mind, thought, groupthink, looking at past events & putting pieces together with others. Media/news comes into play with Jupiter, also themes of travel, legal/laws, how those affect physical resources & circumstances. We may be revisiting some things from late March into April when Jupiter was direct at or around this degree. 

Moon 3 Pisces inconjunct Mars 3 Libra: Some kind of action taken may not seem fair, the Moon is sensitive now & doesn’t want to confront or make waves. We might avoid taking action now, perhaps it doesn’t feel right. Don’t let yourself be guilt tripped & manipulated into anything you’re not on board with 100%. Try to avoid playing the victim or being passive aggressive. 
Moon 5 Pisces square the Nodes 5 Gemini/Sagittarius: We can’t avoid the truth, though we may want to escape in some way by making excuses for ourselves or others, but the truth is black & white when it comes to it - it comes down to love, compassion, truth & kind communication doesn’t it? If you feel you have to make a decision regarding love, money, travel but don’t have all the information yet, wait a bit & ask for a sign. You'll get it.

Sunday 9/19

Moon 10 Pisces trine Venus 10 Scorpio: Relationships can potentially reach a deeper level of trust & connection. We get an opportunity to see the psychological underpinnings of a situation/relationship. Deeply intuitive aspect & best used for cultivating creative, intuitive gifts, mediumship, dreams. Focus on research, secrets, psychic intuition. Be aware of those with negative intent who may engage in criminal activity, drug abuse, or anyone trying to pull the wool over your eyes. Profound shift in collective awareness, dreams may be very active. Feelings may come up for processing regarding intimacy, sexuality, addictions, infidelity, boundary issues, fear, abuse, exploitation. 
Moon 14 Pisces square Juno 14 Sagittarius: We may be at a crossroads in partnerships now, potentially due to spiritual or philosophical differences. There is a need for compassion for self & others. We may see some areas that need change but are unsure yet what that will take. It's easy to see what is out of alignment but try not to focus exclusively on what is lacking or allow anyone to scapegoat you. 
Moon 15 Pisces sextile Uranus 15 Taurus: Fantasy & creative visualizations can facilitate change! There is a revolution happening & it is a spiritual one. Emotions inspire, looking toward what changes we want to see. We create from the inside out so cultivate the inner garden.