AstroLunaChick's Guide to the Universe: The Newsletter; October 2021 Vol. 2, Issue 1

Month overview; This week Libra New Moon, Mercury still retrograde, Venus enters Sagittarius, Pluto & Saturn turn direct

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Here’s an overview of what’s happening in October 2021, the month at a glance: 

Mercury is retrograde until 10/18 when it will go direct, Pluto which has been retrograde since late April goes direct this month & the deconstruction which has been directed inward now resumes & things begin to transform on the outside. 

Saturn also goes direct after being retrograde since late May. Progress has been slowed since late then so that we can reassess our goals, during this time karmic contracts are reviewed & rewritten in retrograde, so there is an opportunity to renegotiate soul commitments. Saturn direct rewards for hard work & we start to see our efforts pay off. Retrograde Saturn brought delays upon delays as we were in the restructuring but now we can start to move forward.  

We have an explosive New Moon in Libra in conjunction with Mars, the God of War. Pluto, which has been retrograde since late April goes direct & the deconstruction resumes. Sun & Mars are running through Libra in hot in pursuit of justice especially in the early part of the month, Mercury retrograde revisits the conversation, reviews the contract & adds it’s rider, take your time as there are long lasting karmic repercussions on all we do at this time. Read the fine print. Hold off signing if you can. 

Venus changes signs & enters Sagittarius, in her pursuit of knowledge, justice & freedom to travel & explore. She has scoured the depth of Scorpio & faced the dark side of the shadows of her psyche, now emerges with truth, ready for justice. 

Jupiter also goes direct after being retrograde since late June & brings back a feeling of justice, optimism, success, luck! Wheel of Fortune turns toward positive change.

We have a Full Moon in Aries later in the month so be ready for action! Things that have been escalating since the New Moon will be at a peak.  

Sun enters Scorpio, death/destruction/rebirth & a new level of investigation begins. Mars then follows as he enters Scorpio, covert actions, passion & aggressiveness increase. 

What an exciting month it will be, starting with this week: (Moon void of course is listed as VOC, retrograde abbreviated as “rx”)

MONDAY 10/4 

Moon 22 Virgo opposite Neptune (rx) 22 Pisces; Mercury retrograde 22 Libra inconjunct Neptune (rx) 22 Pisces: Denial, projection, scapegoating, triggering repressed issues. Did we miss something or did someone not communicate clearly, lie or misrepresent themselves? The facts are coming out, mixed with some red herrings. Make sure you have all the information before making a hasty decision or rush to judgement especially with the Mercury retrograde. This aspect makes it difficult to get clear answers, use this time to seek clarity, ask for transparency. There can be some element of judgement & projection onto others, wanting someone to pay for what they have done. Victimhood/victimization, seeking retribution, restitution, mental health/abuse/addiction awareness as it relates to themes of relationships, bringing balance & correcting injustice & laws governing this arena. Hypocrisy is being exposed.

Moon 25 Virgo trine Pluto 25 Capricorn (rx): Purification, purging, refining details, assimilation, digestion, spiritual service & personal transformation, health, diet, exercise routines; detoxing is supported. Status quo & the old world is being eradicated so we need to shift course to flow with the changes & address fears we have around the crumbling concept of our reality. Pluto is stationary, preparing to go direct so here the waning Moon in Virgo supports looking at the past, seeing where course correction needs to happen, then releasing our attachments to how that should look. Relinquishing control over the outcome & trusting that all is for our highest good is helpful to navigate this aspect. 

Moon 28 Virgo sextile Venus 28 Scorpio: Our need to purify, make adjustments, clean out the closets can help to release psychic baggage. Being in control of our environment makes us feel safer as we learn to trust ourselves & our intuitive abilities. Physical intimacy is something we may crave at this time especially since the Moon trined Pluto earlier, which rules the Scorpio Venus. We may feel the power & magnetism of our own sexuality.  

VOC 1:46am west/4:46am east Moon 28 Virgo sextile Venus 28 Scorpio


5:41am Moon enters Libra: Diplomacy & justice, consideration of others right to be heard. Peace & harmony can only be achieved when both sides of an issue - or both parties - are given equal importance. Everyone’s needs, feelings & point of view should be considered without more weight on either side. Balance the scales. 

Moon 3 Libra sextile South Node 3 Sagittarius Moon trine North Node 3 Gemini: Libra moon disseminates information, we may receive clarity, details of what has been going on that we haven’t seen before. There could be huge breakthroughs for those seeking answers regarding relationships & working through shadow aspects, understanding psychological underpinnings of dysfunction. For those seeking justice there could be new details that propel them forward, some hope of getting needed closure. Painful realizations, possibly extreme confrontation of the dark side of human nature. 

Moon 7 Libra trine Saturn 7 Aquarius (rx): Even if we feel held back at this time, there is a reason & a lesson we are learning. Today there feels like an easing of restrictions somewhat & coming to realization of boundaries. Saturn while retrograde in Aquarius has been reviewing limitations, restrictions & existing structures that affect the collective as a whole. The Moon here reminds us that we do have a say & we can make a difference. The first step is awareness & making an affirmation from within that we do matter, our opinions matter, what we want MATTERS, as we make a conscious decision regarding what we will & won’t participate in.  

Moon 11 Libra opposite Chiron (rx) 11 Aries (early AM 10/6 east coast): What’sout of balance right now? We can tend to take things personally or blame another for making us feel inadequate or for the lack of reciprocity. Own who you are & your needs without scapegoating. If someone isn’t reciprocating, scale back on the investment you’re making, reassess the energy you’re putting into anything that isn’t providing adequate return on investment. Try to see how much you’ve grown in your relationships because they have taught you who you are & and who you are not. 


New Moon 14 Libra conjunct Mars 14Libra: “With liberty & justice for all…”What IS fair/balanced/just for all? How can we honor others’ free will in our pursuit of justice & equanimity, where do we draw the line? With Mars, Sun & Moon all conjunct this New Moon begins a volatile cycle of war/aggression/violence/confrontation in the pursuit of justice. What are you trying to bring into balance? Mars is assertive but sometimes in its self focus fails to consider the other person, when Mars uses force to balance the scales it makes for conflict so it’s not a happy place for Mars to be in Libra. We need to take caution to keep our anger in check, not to make hasty decisions & not to be in a rush - not to rush to judge others especially. There could be a tendency to want to right a wrong personally but taking the law into ones own hands is not a good idea usually. Vigilante justice is one thing, retribution & payback is entirely another. One big theme this month will be regarding the collective & coming together to demand justice & to force change, but there is a powder keg of anger behind it. 

Pluto direct 11:30am west/2:30pm east 

Pluto is direct now. Ask yourself, what needs to go? Something may end or be lost now. We need to make a sacrifice. If we’ve known we needed to make a decision but have been putting it off it could be made for us arbitrarily. The change has already been happening but was slowed by the retrograde that began on 4/28/21 & that  gave us a chance to digest things, to integrate the deep, lasting transformation we’ve been going through since it entered Capricorn on 11/27/08. This has been tearing down structure of the old ways,  the old “us”, & won’t be fully completed until 1/21/24 when Pluto enters Aquarius. It has been a slow motion demolition of so many long standing institutions, societal structures & brought personal life changing releases from karmic cycles. While planets are retrograde the energy is turned inward. Now, with Pluto direct those changes can begin to manifest externally so we can move forward into the new thing we are building. These tend to be changes that we don’t have much of a say in & Pluto is like a demolition crew. You can’t stop the wrecking ball so better roll with it. Besides, change is good so embrace it!

Sun/Mars 14 Libra trine Ceres 13 Gemini, inconjunct Uranus (rx) 14 Taurus, Pallas Athene 13 Pisces: Sudden awareness, need to change. Action/aggression, disruption, information regarding mothers, food & nutrition/sustenance, assistance, strategies, covert conflict/battles, strategies, patterns. Females & how they have supported males & vice versa, for good or bad. 

Moon conjunct Mercury retrograde 20 Libra: This brings a message from the past, hidden things exposed or information that was inaccurate is corrected. This may be connected to information or events regarding 9/16 when Mercury was at this degree in pre-retrograde shadow. Secrets revealed & truth comes to light. 

Moon 22 Libra inconjunct Neptune (rx) 22 Pisces: There is something being revealed to us now that may have been obscured or hidden earlier in the week when Moon opposed Neptune & Mercury retrograde was inconjunct Neptune retrograde in Pisces. Take note! Major deception is afoot & some of the information we have now may not be accurate. 

Moon 22 Libra trine Jupiter (rx) 22 Aquarius: Positivity, optimism, lots of information comes through. Gatherings with groups/friends are supported but this would be a day to avoid angry mobs & crowded places. Social media should be buzzing with interesting news. Cyberstalking & gang stalking could be a thing. Jupiter in Aquarius is reviewing laws, redefining justice, by & for the collective. Internet, technology & interconnection is helping Jupiterian themes of legalities, expansion of knowledge & consciousness. 

Moon 25 Libra square Pluto 25 Capricorn: Pluto has a very strong influence now that it is direct.Stress & emotions run high so don’t be hasty with actions especially if anger/aggression is involved. Stand your ground if you feel someone is crossing your boundaries but avoid direct confrontation/arguments if you can. Stay out of unsafe situations & avoid drama & people who may be unhinged at this time. A good use of this energy would be to do some deep shadow work to face fears, anger, control issues. We may feel we need to confront issues of control, manipulation & violence, especially when it concerns sexuality. 

Vesta 9 Scorpio inconjunct Lilith 9 Gemini: Back up to where you were at when she squared Saturn on 10/3 & ask: How much more can we invest if there’s not trust or return on investment? Lilith is voicing her discontent at two facedness, double standards & ambiguity. Vesta is trying protect herself & to keep things private so the two are at odds here. This is a subplot in the background to the New Moon, Mercury retrograde & Venus in Scorpio drama. Information, secrecy, transparency, privacy…everyday life seems surreal like watching a reality show on TV only its not on TV, its real. 

VOC 10:02pm west/1:02am east Moon 25 Libra square Pluto 25 Capricorn 


Venus enters Sagittarius 4:21am west/7:21am east: Venus enters Sagittarius: Venus, the planet of females, relationships, beauty/aesthetics, values, possessions, finances, what we attract (how & why), shifts her focus after having completed her investigation in Scorpio. She has scoured the depths of the underworld & faced the dark side & shadows of the psyche & now she emerges with her truth, ready to pursue justice. Our attention shifts to focus on legal issues, travel, news media, institutions of higher education, religion/philosophy, foreigners/foreign cultures. Venus in Sagittarius is attracted to all these things & wants to satisfy her need to attract experiences that will increase knowledge. 

Moon enters Scorpio 7:22am west/10:22am east: Scorpio themes in focus. Research, investigation, crime, scandals, death, abuse/manipulation, sex/taboo, reproductive system & organs of elimination, toxins, poisons, addictions; depth psychology, addressing mental health issues & family dysfunction. Intuition, psychics, mediums, spiritual practices, magic, occult knowledge. The Moon here is going to bring an emotional awareness of everything that Venus was bringing up while she has been transiting through Scorpio since 9/11/21. Expect big revelations at this time. Part 2 comes in Scorpio season when Sun enters on 10/23, then Mars on 10/31. This is like the preview. 

Moon 4 Scorpio inconjunct North Node 4 Gemini; Moon 7 Scorpio square Saturn (rx) 7 Aquarius; Moon conjunct Vesta 9 Scorpio; Moon 10 Scorpio inconjunct Lilith 10 Gemini; Moon 11 Scorpio inconjunct Chiron (rx) 11 Aries:
This I will just briefly sum up as they are a series of odd aspects whose influence is hard to define, this could be difficult news of perhaps a scandal, death or deception, a need to come clean & take accountability. Where there is a refusal to grow or take responsibility one will be challenged. Secrets, shame & privacy are an issue. Ambiguity is a glaring red flag. The feminine shadow side is revealed. Pain of manipulation & betrayal leads to erosion of confidence in oneself, lack of faith in justice & ability to trust instincts. 

Mercury retrograde 19 Libra sextile Juno 19 Sagittarius: Revisiting/reviewing past partnerships, renegotiating committed partnerships, contracts, rethinking our ideas, philosophies of what commitment means, readjusting to make things more equitable, fair, balanced. Laws/legal contracts possibly regarding marriage/partnerships could be discussed at this time, also discussions of prenuptial & divorce contracts happening. 

FRIDAY 10/8 

Moon 12 Scorpio trine Pallas Athene (rx) 12 Pisces: Deep research & investigation into patterns, strategies, unconventional tactics. Addictive habits have a trigger & a pattern, recognizing that will help to heal. 

Moon 14 Scorpio opposite Uranus (rx) 14 Taurus: Sudden change, breakthrough liberation from blockages; investigation into shared resources, debts (even karmic), information emerges regarding the state of finances or intimate relationships. Tempers may flare, jealousy arise. Healthy partnerships can reach a deeper level of intimacy. Trust, secrecy, sex/taboo, criminality, dark psychological issues, obsessions, addictions may come up at this time. Physical/financial stability may feel at risk. 

Moon 22 Scorpio trine Neptune (rx) 22 Pisces retrograde: Hidden agendas & secrets surface, intuitive abilities increase. Deception has an element of fate as we start to see how being deceived causes us to become more aware as a protection mechanism. 

Moon 23 Scorpio square Jupiter (rx) 23 Aquarius: A need for intimacy & trust, a safe way to express individuality, desire for commitment needs to be integrated with our need for freedom. Money, finance, digital currency, internet privacy & cybercrime can be an issue in need of discussion. True crime & internet coverage by cyber sleuths is a hot topic. 

Moon 25 Scorpio sextile Pluto 25 Capricorn: What happened & what did we see about relationships & power/control dynamics when Venus was at this aspect on 10/2? Any past abuse or shady business in love or money could be exposed now. Integration of the shadow parts of ourselves, seeing the shadow in others comes easier at this time. 

VOC 11:05pm west/2:00am east Moon 25 Scorpio sextile Pluto 25 Capricorn 


Moon enters Sagittarius 8:24am west/11:24am east 

Sun, Mars & Mercury retrograde 17 Libra: More information comes regarding events around 9/12 when Mercury was at this degree in the pre-retrograde shadow phase. Deception/lies exposed. Leaders & warriors emerge to bring retroactive justice to things from the past. We are just beginning to see things for what they truly are. Wars of words & vigilante justice, people partnering to fight & protect. People will be held accountable for what they say & information they disseminate especially on the internet, or in friend/peer groups. There could be pressure to join, sign or commit be cautious about that, more information is coming. War of an economic nature, trade embargo, even cyber related is possible. 

Moon, Venus & South Node converge 3 Sagittarius: Some form of a release of karmic justice is playing out across the collective, there can be big losses felt by some. Those who have knowledge will share their wisdom. Those who need to let go will leave at this time. Females, finances, property/money/possessions & laws regarding such themes, religious/spiritual beliefs, issues from the past related to all of these things. Focus is on the loss of a female, property, finance. The feminine principle has been under attack & this will come more into awareness through social issues around women, whose voice is being heard by the collective in a new way.

Moon 7 Sagittarius sextile Saturn (rx) 7 Aquarius: Looking to the past to find friends & allies that share like minded perspectives are a support at this time. Faith in the collective or faith within the collective feels somewhat restored at this time. As Saturn is preparing to go direct tomorrow we may feel some relief.  

Moon 11 Sagittarius trine Chiron (rx) 11 Aries: Masculinity, police, identity issues, laws/law enforcement, religious extremism, war, foreign countries, immigration, news media are all sources of wounding & healing at this time. 

Sun, Mars & Mercury retrograde 17 Libra: More information comes regarding events around 9/12 when Mercury was at this degree in the pre-retrograde shadow phase. Deception/lies exposed. Leaders & warriors emerge to bring retroactive justice to things from the past. We are just beginning to see things for what they truly are. Wars of words & vigilante justice, people partnering to fight & protect. People will be held accountable for what they say & information they disseminate especially on the internet, or in friend/peer groups. There is a rallying around females in general or feeling the loss of a female or a relationship from the past, perhaps due to differing beliefs/philosophies. 

Moon 12 Sagittarius square Pallas Athene (rx) 12 Pisces: The battle for truth & justice must be fought on the spiritual dimension if it is to be won. Truths may be uncovered if there is a pattern of deception. 

Vesta 11 Scorpio inconjunct Chiron (rx) 11 Aries: We may have invested in the wrong person or situation. It wasn’t what we thought it was perhaps because someone was misleading us or leaving out the details. Envy & jealousy will be apparent through gossip, lies that get exposed now. Someone may have been helping our enemy. 

SUNDAY 10/10 

Saturn direct at 7 Aquarius: Delays & tests of the retrograde begin to wrap up & a level of karma is completed as we are moving forward with a more mature perspective with regard to long term goals, business ventures, & friendships with those of like-minded tribe; restrictions & obstacles may begin to ease up, discussion of freedom & personal responsibility begin. 

Moon 18 Sagittarius sextile Sun 18 Libra, Moon conjunct Juno 20 Sagittarius: A sense of being able to move forward & finally seeing justice. Progress looks positive, moving towards greater balance, reciprocal relationships; lawsuits & anything of a legal nature starts to move forward. We seek & find truth from one another, like minded persons are connecting. New partnerships are formed, old alliances may reconnect.