Astrolunachick’s Guide to the Universe

September 2021 Vol. 1 Issue 4

Here we are at the end of September & the smell of Fall in the air <sniff> The winds of change are blowing…get ready for things to shift! We’re in the retrograde phase of Mercury now. There are some things that will take a completely different turn, other situations will slow to a halt or regress backwards. Things we thought were stalled or dead in the water could be revived. This will be an interesting week regardless & I do think by Sunday we get a reprieve or at least we have greater clarity, some truth, maybe a hope of justice & fairness. It’s all about what needs to be addressed during the retrograde to prepare us before we can move forward from here with balance between ourselves & others, between the government & those they govern, institutions, businesses & those they serve, it all comes down to the communication happening over the next few weeks that will take us to the winter solstice point which is the next culmination.

Since the New Moon on 9/7 it’s been a flurry of activity & information coming in about big changes on the way. Mercury has been slowing down all week & then goes retrograde 9/26-27 so look at what the focus has been since 9/6-7 & this will tell you what changes are happening. Right now ALL of the outer “trans-personal” planets are retrograde - Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune & Pluto - these planets influence cycles that affect generations & society as a whole which means that as a collective there are larger forces influencing situations over which we have little control it seems. Mercury as it goes retrograde will cause us to reflect on these changes as it brings the conversation home & makes it more personal. A rule of thumb is to deal mostly with existing projects, situations, things already in place, take time to plan out & review any new projects or relationships during this phase. Gather information.

This retrograde will concentrate its focus on Libra influences/traits - one on one relationships, reciprocity, justice, negotiations/arbitration, love of beauty, harmony & balance, artistic/creative expression, aesthetics - blended with exchange of ideas, how we interface with others & our local environment, our mode of travel & communication style as it always does but I believe it will bring up issues of a mainly interpersonal nature which need to be addressed. Where this will take place for you depends on what area of your chart the degrees of 11-26 Libra fall in your chart & if any of your natal planets are being aspected.

I know people get all twisted up at the mention of Mercury retrograde but I personally enjoy Mercury retrograde & the surprises it brings! If we really tap in we can receive messages from spirit regarding things that would normally elude us. Often we hear astrologers refer to “people/situations from the past coming back” during retrograde & that could happen but that also depends on your chart & generally speaking there may be those who surface during this time to perhaps bring closure to a situation, to renegotiate contracts, to complete karma. Best to take a wait & see approach to these things.

What that looks like is again an individual thing but we also may be given an opportunity to do make a different choice, to do the right thing this time around. Often we can be presented with a different face of a reoccurring theme. We may just have old memories surface rather than old lovers. Whatever does happen remember it is meant for our personal growth & spiritual healing & some things begun under retrograde aren’t meant to stick around after the retrograde - use this time to observe yourself & others, gather all info, be ready to make changes if needed.

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Moon 16 Gemini opposes Juno 16 Sagittarius is challenging us to take a look at what we have learned about committed partnerships. We don’t always share others’ beliefs but we do have to see what is a dealbreaker for us. There may be a discussion of our philosophy on relationships & share our wisdom with others.

Moon 20 Gemini inconjunct Venus 20 Scorpio we may not be so comfortable with news we receive about finances, or someone’s personal life (TMI?!) Perhaps people are saying things that another would rather they didn’t.

Moon 22 Gemini square Neptune 22 Pisces (rx) information may not be solid at this time because we aren’t getting the whole picture. Avoid making an emotional decision.

Moon 24 Gemini trine Jupiter 24 Aquarius news & exchange of information re. legal/laws, travel, internet, technology, foreign policy, places where large groups of people congregate including on the internet, lots of activity on social media. Friends especially ones we have lost touch with come to mind or may reach out to us & vice versa.

Moon 26 Gemini trine Mercury 26 Libra stationary retrograde - We want to talk about it! Whatever IT is we want the truth & we’re ready to hear it. Answers & information comes easily now. Be curious. Ask & ye shall receive! This retrograde of Mercury will bring us back in some way to the June solar eclipse during the last retrograde which was conjunct retrograde Mercury so a deeper layer of secrets come to light, greater information is available now so question, investigate & listen to the conversations happening now as old info resurfaces, new information is challenged distraction & denial/illusion, social issues have personal impact on us. There can be discussion of psychology of relationships male/female & roles, sexuality.

Mercury 26 Libra (rx) square Pluto 25 Capricorn (rx) - This influence lasts all week. Pluto is destroying the old system, our outdated ways, traditions that are passé & things we have committed to that are past the expiration date. With Mercury here we are given the opportunity to make a choice about how this will go. Not that we have a choice to hold on but knowing that the change is upon us we can at least have some say in how it will go down & what we can replace it with.

Sun 6 Libra not exact but loosely conjunct Mars 9 Libra - This influence lasts all week. Mars, our actions, will, drive, pursuit is aligned with our sense of identity & soul purpose, many will be ready to step into leadership positions. Laws & law enforcement is a theme here, in pursuit of justice. Be careful of taking hasty action, making uninformed decisions, selfish motives to win at all costs because we will be held accountable for all decisions made at this time likely when Mercury goes direct.


MOON VOC 9:18pm west/12:18am east - last aspect trine Mercury, communication flows well.

MOON ENTERS CANCER 6:34am west/9:34am east

Moon 4 Cancer inconjunct South Node 4 Sagittarius - If our sensitivity is telling is something is off it is. There’s something we need to let go of from the past, attached to an old belief structure. We may receive news regarding something in the past. News media, religious institutions & foreign cultures, travel may be in focus.

Moon 7 Cancer square Sun 7 Libra - LAST QUARTER - This moon in last quarter pushes us to take action on things we need to wrap up in this lunar cycle. Home, family, security, the past, emotional ties need to be considered as we move forward. Energetic cord cutting & cleansing is perfect now to detach from people & help purge stuck emotions. We’re changing so our relationships need to change also, that starts with how we FEEL about it.

Moon 7 Cancer inconjunct Saturn 7 Aquarius - The weight of responsibility, a need to take accountability & pressure to do the right thing. If we have been neglecting something we feel pressed to take care of it at this time because it is becoming increasingly uncomfortable. We may feel a sense of isolation or detachment from others.

Sun 7 Libra trine Saturn 7 Aquarius (rx) - There is positive change or new developments where government, leaders, authorities, parents, older people are involved, perhaps a review of rules & restrictions or new strategy in diplomacy. We may revisit something from 9/25 when Mars was at this degree, when some action/initiative was taken.


Moon 10 Cancer square Mars 10 Libra & Moon 11 Cancer square Chiron 11 Aries (rx) - Is something not fair or are we carrying resentment & our pride is hurt? Perhaps we may act from emotions rather than making rational moves, trying to force change isn’t going to go well today.

Moon 15 Cancer sextile Uranus 15 Taurus (rx) - We may have an urge to return to revisit the past, feelings & memories can surface where we need to break through stuck energy. We can perhaps start to feel more secure despite any volatility, maybe better equipped to handle creating our own security now.

Venus 22 Scorpio trine Neptune 22 Pisces - We are highly intuitive, creative & psychic energy flows strong. Great aspect for channeling information, oracles & mediums. Dreams are active, we may pick up information about loved ones who are living or on the other side; objects of value, art, music, collectibles might be an attraction now. Lots of sensual/sexual energy, desire mixes with fantasy & illusion. Deep connection can be achieved in highly spiritual partnership ie tantra. Women are particularly magnetic however be aware of the darker aspects here which are stalking, drugs, addiction & promiscuity, scams & snake oil. Scandals abound & likely center around sex/affairs, abuse, possibly religious figures, investigations, forensics, death especially of a woman.

Sun 7 Libra trine Saturn 7 Aquarius - This echoes the Mars trine Saturn on 9/25 - results of action come to light - good or bad - personal responsibility maturity karma, cause & effect, need for accountability, calling out false information. Calling out passive resistance, review & adjust restrictions based on fairness, legalities; issues can involve government, management, institutions; authority figures may reverse position in light of new information & responsible leadership comes into focus.


Moon 25 Cancer opposite Pluto 25 Capricorn (rx); t-square Moon square Mercury 25 Libra (rx) square Pluto (rx) - This aspect mirrors 9/22 when Moon in Aries squared Mercury - then still direct - & made a square to Mercury direct made this aspect before going retrograde - we need to make a decision or confront change, face fear, vulnerability & start letting go & healing the past. There is another layer of emotional purge pushing through to confront controlling energies; deaths, endings, manipulation, seeking security, family, releasing the past is important now.

Moon VOC 7:49am west/10:49am east - Last aspect is square to Mercury, challenge with thoughts & emotions being in alignment, words/thoughts bring conflict to emotions.

MOON ENTERS LEO - 5:53pm west/8:53pm east

Moon 4 Leo sextile North Node 4 Gemini - Communication, cooperation & more clarity of information, direction of a situation or relationship. Movement forward in the direction toward justice & diplomacy.

Moon 4 Leo trine South Node 4 Sagittarius- Release come easily here with inspiration & ability to draw on the past for faith, spiritual growth & feeling supported. Greater clarity on the past can help us to release it.

Venus 23 Scorpio square Jupiter 23 Aquarius (rx) - Try to curb excess, overspending, any overindulgences. Issues regarding money, joint finances, debts, laws regarding internet, commerce, cryptocurrency legal, vices & taboo topics; research, investigations, especially involving groups, technology, crime, sex, scandal, mafia, etc.


Moon 6 Leo square Vesta 6 Scorpio - Attention on a situation, taking action where someone may have been be stoking the fires in a situation or aided another secretly, assisted in keeping a secret, covered up addictions, affairs, criminality. May involve a Leo, a child, a Scorpio, public figure, prostitution, drugs, mental health/psychology, enabling, codependency, etc.

Moon 7 Leo opposite Saturn 7 Aquarius - Desire for affirmation, knowing our value, recognizing our need for love, validation, attention, recognition vs. negativity, obstacles, insecurity, restrictions or lack of openness on your part or someone else’s. Individual freedom & need to take responsibility is considered. Emotional blockages can be addressed.

Moon 9 Leo sextile Sun 9 Libra - Optimism & warmth, opportunity to connect with others harmoniously.

Moon 11 Leo trine Chiron 11 Aries (rx) - Feeling a sense of achievement & level of progress in healing the self image, confidence can be something we notice here, perhaps we decide to put ourselves out there in a new way.

Moon 12 Leo sextile Mars 12 Libra & Ceres 12 Gemini - Self expression, confidence to take action, nurtured by words, affirmations. Power of positive thinking & mantras, motivational songs, quotes, etc. can me quite powerful now. Specific focus could be on mothers & children, especially males. *Influence of Mars trine Ceres lasts through 10/3 - Males/masculine supported by females/feminine, nurturers, mothers; assistance from those who nurture, help especially comes in the form of information or counseling.

Moon 14 Leo inconjunct Pallas 14 Pisces - Patterns can be seen where ego & emotions have dictated situations. Blind spot where we may be painting an optimistic picture or refusing to see flaws.

Moon 15 Leo square Uranus 15 Taurus (rx) -Unexpected changes come in direction of a relationship or business partnership due to someone taking action or asserting themselves due to achieving a level of self confidence. Something that happened late last week (9/24) with the Moon conjunct Uranus opposing Venus could come back up.

Sun 9 Libra trine Lilith 9 Gemini - Sun can illuminate the shadow side or what we fear & avoid. See how this comes through in relationships & how we communicate. Are we purposely being ambiguous? Some may enjoy verbal sparring & debate yet the position they defend may not even be how they truly think.

Mars 11 Libra opposite Chiron 11 Aries (rx) - We may deal with situations where one has been hurt especially through insensitivity, aggressive people, males, passive aggressive behavior, also potentially positive change regarding males or actions taken to bring balance/fairness to a situation, possibly legal. This can be highlighting identity, insecurity, anger issues in relationships, perhaps there is positive growth on someone’s part & this should be acknowledged. See how far you’ve come not how far you have to go.


Moon 17 Leo trine Juno 17 Sagittarius - Positive developments & generosity, new beginnings in partnerships, new opportunities, new ways of partnering, foreign partnerships brought to light. Travel & romance could be possible for some. A spouse could be in the limelight.

Moon 22 Leo inconjunct Neptune 22 Pisces - Self doubt, indecision may be felt. We may not have all the information or perhaps lack faith in ourselves. Perhaps we or another is presenting themselves in a false light.

Moon 23 Leo opposite Jupiter 23 Aquarius (rx) - Personal need for love, self expression, desire to create & wanting to be part of something connected to others. Balance between being a solo act & networking to further your career. The actor needs an audience - the artist needs to display their art. Technology & internet is the way to go. There could be things that challenge our values beliefs, or how we fit into the whole.

Moon 24 Leo sextile Mercury 24 Libra (rx) - Attention & communication possibly creatives connecting or romantic overtures. Something inspires from the past, maybe we are redrafting our blueprint for love & success. Focus on creative projects involving communication & working with a partner.

Moon 25 Leo square Venus 25 Scorpio, inconjunct Pluto 25 Capricorn (rx) - Let’s not let stubborn pride get in the way of intimacy or an egoistic need for satisfaction drive us to take advantage of another. A need for attention & admiration can put us in an uncomfortable position if we aren’t ready for a certain level of intimacy. There may be body image issues, sex/taboo topics discussed at this time. This can be expressed as the seedier side of life, scandals involving a person in the way they handle relationships, including rape & stalking, obsession.


Moon 4 Virgo square Nodes 4 Gemini/Sagittarius- Turning a corner in communication with the level of understanding of details, facts, lies, truth, belief, faith, ability to communicate in a situation. Don’t make permanent decisions or judge another negatively right now especially if you don’t have all the facts. The best way to help now is to listen.

Moon 7 Virgo sextile Vesta 7 Scorpio, Moon 7 Virgo inconjunct Saturn 7 Aquarius - Details & research reveal something missed regarding suppressed information, something from the past.

Moon 9 Virgo square Lilith 9 Gemini - We don’t want to stop until it feels right, though there’s a touch of impossible perfectionism. Also someone isn’t coming forward with all the information we need & it’s annoying!

Moon 11 Virgo inconjunct Chiron 11 Aries - Painful details, judgement, criticism of or about a person or situation; guilt, discomfort due to a inconvenience or worse. Lack of closure. Good intentions for wanting to assist but feeling awkward.

Moon 13 Virgo square Ceres 13 Gemini - This can make one feel unsupported & like someone is being hyper-critical

Mercury 23 Libra (rx) trine Jupiter (rx) - Truth comes from revisiting a situation from the past, details & information come regarding things that were discussed or discovered back on 9/19-20, just coming to conscious awareness now. Details/news, internet, technology, social media, legal issues, relationships, females, finances, crime, justice.